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By John C. Maxwell

11 Ways Leaders
Can End Toxic Workplace Culture

Discover ways to develop your leadership and enhance your thinking to get the results you need.

 Understand when and how to use the 
11 various ways of thinking to end toxic culture.
A few examples are below...

Big Picture Thinking

The importance of having the ability to see what others see, what they’re missing, & how to navigate uncharted territory.
To be a big-picture thinker, you need to change your 
mindset & methods. 

Mindset, Awareness & Presence are key functions where leaders 
gain from our assistance. 

Creative Thinking

The power of reframing your negative experiences, reimagining possible solutions & positive outcomes.

Try something new. 
Choose possibility over fear. 

Stop being stuck in the past, & 
move into your future is 1-way we assist you and your team. 
Stay curious!

Strategic Thinking

See the world as a web of interconnected ideas. 
Find opportunities to 
advance your ideas 
by making connections.

Creating specific & measurable plans to gain results. 

Release the power of 
strategic thinking faster
with our coaching services!

Bottomline Thinking

Requires intense focus on driving results. It takes dedication to targeted goals.

Accountability is extremely important in reaching results.

Identify each persons specialized skills & then develop your team 
is how I equip you to be the best!
Candace Mae Gruber
I’m Candace Mae Gruber, Founder of Candace Mae Training and Services.

Our Pocket Guide
Why is the pocket guide valuable?  Leaders with BIG PICTURE THINKING stand out in organizations because they have a vision and can effectively motivate teams.

11 Ways Leaders Can End Toxic Workplace Culture helps you THINK BETTER. When we think better we spend time making our thoughts meaningful and well-planned out.  Knowing there are different types of thinking, and learning when and how to apply them is crucial to personal and professional growth.

This is where I can help you.

To be a big-picture thinker, you need to change your mindset and methods. I can help you with your mindset, awareness, and presence.
Thinking is important and can be learned. I can help you understand when and how to use the various ways of thinking presented in this pocket guide.
The key is to engage in the process and discipline yourself into changing your ways of thinking.  I’m here to be your Guide in professional growth.

Let’s connect to talk further. 

With love and gratitude,

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